Effects of expanded clay (Leca) and Styrofoam as inorganic growing media substances on growth and development of Spathiphyllum wallisii

Maryam Mashinchian؛ Mohsen Kafi؛ Sepideh Kalatehjari

دوره 48، ویژه نامه ، مهر 1396، ، صفحه 27-33


  The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of expanded clay (Leca) and Styrofoam on the physical characteristics of growing media and their relationship with the growth of Spathiphyllum wallisii. The experiment was laid out in a complete randomized design (CRD) with 9 treatments and 3 replications. Cocopeat and peat moss combined with different proportions of inorganic materials Leca and Styrofoam were used as conventional media for the growth control. Growing indices of plants consisting of the number of leaves, shoot length, the fresh and dry weight of shoot and fresh and dry weight ...  بیشتر