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Morphological evaluation of genetic diversity of wild populations of some Rumex ‎species in Iran ‎

Mahla Khalili Bourang; Mohammadreza Hassandokht; Vahideh Nazeri; Abdorahamn Rasoulnia; Ghorban Didehbaz Moghanloo

Volume 53, Issue 4 , January 2023, Pages 823-836


  The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of 14 populations of five species of Rumex, including R. chalepensis, R. kandavanicus, R. pulcher, R. crispus and R. tuberosus from Ardabil and Khorasan Razavi provinces using morphological traits. The studied ...  Read More

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The effect of pyramiding resistance control genes on viral disease of tomato yellow ‎leaf curl virus (TYLCV) on photosynthetic pigments and some physiological traits in ‎different lines

Kamal Salehi; Gholam-Reza Sharifi-Sirchi

Volume 53, Issue 4 , January 2023, Pages 837-848


  Tomato yellow leaf viral disease (TYLCV) is one of the most damaging agents that causes very high yield losses worldwide and has spread to most parts of Iran. Numerous strategies have been developed to combat this disease, but these methods have been practically ineffective. In order to investigate the ...  Read More

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The Effect of various treatments on browning and micropropagation of some sweet ‎cherry cultivars (Prunus avium L.) ‎

Arezoo Jalali; Ebrahim Ganji Moghadam; Ali Marjani

Volume 53, Issue 4 , January 2023, Pages 849-858


  In Iran, Sweet cherry is one of the most important horticultural products in temperate regions. So it is necessary to use micropropagation methods to accelerate its reproduction. This study was conducted as factorial experiment based on completely randomized design with two cultivars (Adli and Takdaned), ...  Read More