Main Subjects = Ornamental plant science
Evaluating the effect of some methods for disinfecting rhizomes and seeds of Iris pseudacorus L. under in vitro conditions

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 13 December 2023


vajihe Abbasi ghadi; Esmaeil Chamani; Younes Pourbeyrami hir; Mehdi Mohebodini; Vali Ollah Ghasemi Omran

Effect of pinching and thidiazuron on morphophysiological and biochemical properties of pelagonium graveolens under water deficit stress

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 December 2023


Abdolhossein Rezaei Nejad; abass yasemi; Sadegh Mousavi Fard; Farhad Beiranvand

Effect of animal manure and biochar on some morphophysiological and biochemical characteristics of Pelargonium Graveolens L. under the water deficit stress

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 April 2024


reza pourveiseh; Abdolhossein Rezaei Nejad; Sadegh Mousavi-Fard

Optimization of Soilless Substrates Composition in Anthurium Cut Flower Production

Volume 54, Issue 2, July 2023, Pages 235-248


Naser Askari; Mona Dashtyari; Abdullah Hatamzadeh; Mahmood Ghasem-Nezhad; Reza Ghahramani

Comparison of Bulblet Production, Enlargement, and Dormancy Breaking in some ‎Commercial hybrid Lilium Cultivars in greenhouse ‎

Volume 53, Issue 4, January 2023, Pages 1003-1020


Maliheh Fallahpour; Alireza Ghanbari; Parisa Koobaz; Esmaeil Chamani; Pejman Azadi

Interspecific hybridization between Lilium ledebourii and commercial cultivars of lilium by cut-style method and ovary slice culture

Volume 50, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 287-294


Hojat Abasi; Rohangiz Naderi; Mohsen Kafi; Pejman Azadi; Mohammad Naghi Padasht Dahkaei

Regeneration of Viola odorota plant from petiole callus

Volume 50, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 449-456


Seyede Nastaran Hosseini Darvishani; Esmaeil Chamani; Valiolla Ghasemi Omran; Behrooz Esmaeilpour

Effect of macro elements concentration on quantitative and qualitative traits of lily cut flower (Lilium LA Hybrid Fangio) in soilless culture

Volume 50, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 47-60


Zahra Sadat Nabavi Mohajer; Moazzam HassanpourAsil; Jamal-Ali Olfati; Mohammad Reza Khaledian

Introducing a tissue culture protocol for Fritillaria (Fritillaria raddeana) via seed and bulb scales

Volume 49, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 891-901


Solaleh Salahi Sadr; Hedayat Zakizadeh; Mohammad Reza Naghavi; Jamal-Ali Olfati; Kian Hazrati

Effect of inhibitors of lignin biosynthesis on vase life of gerbera cut flowers

Volume 49, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 903-914


Masoumeh Ghafouriyan; Zeynab Roein; Mohammad Ali Shiri

Evaluation of the possibility of using thyme (Thymus spp.) species in landscape

Volume 49, Issue 3, December 2018, Pages 647-655


Hassan Maleki Lajayer; Yousef Hamidoghli; Hedayat Zakizadeh; Mohammad Hassan Biglouei; Esmaeil Chamani

Investigation of genetic diversity of 20 cultivars of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.) using SSR molecular markers

Volume 49, Issue 3, December 2018, Pages 791-799


Ferdos Darabi; Abdollah Ehteshamn-Nia; Farhad Nazarian-Firouzabadi; Zeynab Roein

Growth responses and ion regulation of Agrostis stolonifera L. to trinexapac-ethyl under salinity stress

Volume 49, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages 529-538


Mehrdad Rasouli; Abdollah Hatamzadeh; Mahmood Ghasemnezhad; Habibollah Samizadeh Lahiji