Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 2 - Serial Number 544537, August 2011, Pages 105-215 
Identification of Self-Incompatibility (S-) Genotypes of Iranian Almond Genotypes and Cultivars using PCR

Pages 169-183

Seyed Asghar Mousavi Ghahfarokhi; Mohammadreza FattahiMoghaddam; Zabiallah Zamani; Ali Imani; Inkarna Ortega; Fedrico Dicenta

An Evaluation of Populations from Controlled Crosses between Iranian and Exotic Apples and Relationship between their Vegetative and Early Flowering Characters

Pages 193-205

Alireza Farokhzad; Zabiallah Zamani; Mohammadreza Fattahi Moghaddam; Alireza Talaei; Mohsen Mardi; Ali Gharghani; Ali Gharahlar