Keywords = fruit set
Investigation on the effect of alternate bearing and 2,4-D application on changes in reserved starch and activity of abscission enzymes in Satsuma mandarin

Volume 48, Issue 3, January 2018, Pages 479-486


Babak Adouli; Zabihollah Zamani; Mohammad Reza Fattahi Moghadam; Behrouz Golein; Karamatollah Rezaee

Study of pollen compatibility relationships among some selected promising almond cultivars and genotypes

Volume 47, Issue 3, December 2016, Pages 457-467


Mehdi Fallah; Mousa Rasouli; Yavar Sharafi; Ali Imani

An Evaluation of the States of Incompatibility and Sterility in Four Iranian Commercial Apricot Cultivars

Volume 42, Issue 1, July 2011, Pages 1-9

Fatemeh Nekoonam; Mohammadreza Fattahi moghaddam; Ali Ebadi

An Investigation of the Pollination Compatibility of some Sweet Cherry Cultivars on ‘Zard Daneshkada’

Volume 41, Issue 2, August 2010

Mousa Rasouli; Kazem Arzani; Ali Eimani; MohammadReza Fattahi Moghadam

A Study of the Compatibility and the Effects of Supplementary Pollination with Different Pollens on Fruit Set of Self-Compatible Almond 'Supernova'

Volume 40, Issue 4, March 2010

Musa Rasooli; MohamadReza Fatahomoghadan; Zabiholah Zamani; Ali Eimani; Ali Ebadi