Author = Majid Shokrpour
Study on general combining ability of morphological and phytochemical traits in ‎different populations of Thymus daenensis in polycross test

Volume 51, Issue 2, September 2020, Pages 295-305


Siavash Mohammadi; Leila Tabrizi; Majid Shokrpour; Javad Hadian; Hratwig Schulz

Effects of salicylic acid on winter freezing tolerance in grapevine ‎‎(Vitis vinifera cv. Shahani)‎

Volume 50, Issue 4, March 2020, Pages 911-933


Ali Ebadi; Asma Abbasi Kashani; Mohammad Reza Fattahi Moghadam; Majid Shokrpour

Salt stress effect on some ecotypes of motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca L.)

Volume 49, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 47-56


Ahmad Zamani; Majid Shokrpour; Vahideh Nazeri

A study on the effects of environmental factors on vegetative characteristics and corm yield of saffron (Crocus sativus)

Volume 48, Special Issue, October 2017, Pages 45-52


Haydeh Rahimi; Majid Shokrpour; Leila Tabrizi Raeini; Ezatollah Esfandiari

Analysis of morphological variation and general combining ability in half sib families of Echinacea purpurea L.

Volume 47, Issue 4, April 2017, Pages 617-630


Alireza Yavari; Majid Shokrpour; Leila Tabrizi; Javad Hadian

Evaluation of Chloroplast DNA diversity and phylogenetic relationship among 28 Iranian Artemisia species

Volume 45, Issue 4, May 2015, Pages 401-415


elahe ahadi dolatsara; Alireza Salami; Majid Shekarpoor; Mohammad reza Nagavi; Aboozar Soreni