Effect of Harvesting Time, Indole Butyric Acid and Endogenous Growth Regulator Changes on the Scale Propagation of Lilium ledebourii (Baker) Boiss



This experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of bulb harvesting time and Indole butyric acid as well as changes of endogenous growth regulators, Indole acetic acid and Abscisic acid during scale propagation of Lilium ledebourii (Baker) Boiss. Treatments consisted of bulb harvesting time (0, 50, 100 and 150 days after flowering) in the natural habitat of Damash, and IBA concentrations of 0, 300 and 600 ppm. Outer scales were detached from basal plate, treated with IBA, and then placed in medium consisting of sand and peat (50:50) for bulblet formation. Results showed that the highest number as well as weight of bulblets were obtained from scales of bulbs harvested in 100 DAF and from 300 ppm IBA treatments. Effects of scale position and bulb harvesting times on IAA and ABA levels were significant. Results showed that, at flowering stage, the level of ABA in mother scales was greater than in the daughter scales and was gradually reduced until 100 DAF. IAA levels in mother and daughter scales increased until 100 DAF and were then reduced at 150 DAF.