Application of therapeutic landscape criteria and healing gardens in the design of ‎hospital’s green space (Case study: Tehran Children's Medical Center)‎

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1 Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran. Karaj, Iran

2 M.S. Graduate, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran. Karaj, Iran


The design of hospital premises and green spaces play a very important role in patients satisfaction and recovery process. The aim of this study was to obtain criteria for designing therapist landscape in the country's hospitals using descriptive-analytical method. The case was selected as the subspecialty hospital of Tehran Children's Medical Center. After recognizing the current condition of the grounds and its green space, the necessary information was prepared from the patients and staff of the medical wards with a questionnaire and interview. Data were analyzed by qualitative and graphical analysis. The results showed that the general popularity of therapeutic landscape design is high. Moreover, regarding the Children's Medical Center, the majority of the respondents were dissatisfied with the current situation of the grounds and considered the expansion of green space very useful. They also believed that the proper design of hospital grounds and the creation of a healing garden or a therapeutic landscape could stimulate the five senses and have beneficial effects on promoting health, recovery, and facilitating the treatment of patients' mental and physical problems. In the end, solutions for creating and developing green space with the criteria of the therapist's perspective and landscaping were presented to the Pediatric Medical Center.


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