The effect of MS and B5 media on growth indices of lemon verbena in in vitro condition

Document Type : short paper


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Miyaneh branch, Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh, Iran

2 Former M. Sc. Student, Faculty of Agriculture, Miyaneh branch, Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh, Iran


Choose a suitable culture medium for Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora H.B.K.) is one of the prerequisite for success in tissue culture. The nodal explants containing a lateral node for shoot micropropagation were cultured in different concentrations of MS and B5 medium with ¼, ½ or full micro and macro elements concentration. All culture media amended by activated charcoal in 1 gL-1. They were stored for six weeks in growth chamber condition. Experiment was conducted based on completely randomized design in three replications. Full root generation was obtained in full micro- and macro-elements concentrations of MS and B5. The most number of nodes in the highest shoot, the longest shoot, the most number of leaves in highest shoot, the largest leaves, the highest leaf chlorophyll content index, the most number of roots, the widest callus, and the heaviest fresh and dry root were observed in full concentration of MS. It could be because of higher ionic strength of MS medium compared to other media use. The least leaf necrosis on the highest shoots and plantlet was observed in full concentration of B5. Regarding research finding, MS medium with activated charcoal (1 gL-1) would be recommendable for lemon verbena high performance propagation in tissue culture condition.


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