Effect of accel, sucrose and thyme oil on vase life and postharvest quality of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cut flower

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The aim of this research was to improve postharvest quality and vase life of tuberose cut flowers. Treatments in this experiment included: distilled water, 3% ethanol and 5% sucrose as control, thyme oil in 3 levels (50, 75 and 100 mg/l), accel in 3 level (25, 50 and 75 mg/l) and for some of flowers pulsing with 5% sucrose in first 24 hours then puting cut flowers treated with sucrose in thyme oil and accel with the same concentrations in second 24 hours. Experiment was carried out in completely randomized design with three replications. Some traits were measured in multiple times, as split plot in completely randomized design. Results showed that vase life of flowers treated with 25, 50 and 75 mg/l accel, increased up to 7.33, 6.67 and 5.67 days, respectively. Concentrations of 75, 100 and 50 mg/l of thyme oil increased vase life up to 4.33, 3.67 and 3.33 days, respectively. In above mentioned treatments, relative fresh weight, water uptake, TSS, protein and chlorophyll content were higher than controls. Lipid peroxidation, peroxidase and catalase activity during postharvest period in the cut flowers that were treated with 25, 50 and 75 mg/l accel and 75, 100 and 50 mg/l thyme oil, were lower than other treatments. Efficacy of accel and thyme oil accompanied with sucrose were increased, resulted in higher longevity of flowers and better quality maintenance of polianthes tuberosa cv. Double.


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