Eeffect of thymol and menthol essential oils combined with packaging with celofan on the maintenance of postharvest quality of strawberry cv. Parus

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Strawberry has a short shelf life and since it is consumed as fresh, the use of healthy and natural methods to increase its postharvest life is necessary. In this study, effect of different levels of thymol and menthol essential oils (0 (distillated water, control), 5, 10 and 15 μl) in the packaging with celofan as fumigation on postharvest maintenance quality of strawberries was studied. Qualitative characteristic of strawberries was evaluated after 0, 10 and 17 days storage at 2±1C and 90±5 % RH. Essential oils treatment led to maintain fruit firmness, increment of chroma value and brightness and reduced color changes and weight loss compared to control. This treatment had no significant effect on total acidity, soluble solids content and vitamin C, but these values decreased over storage. Anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity increased during storage initially and then decreased. Menthol at 5 μl led to significant increase of phenolic compounds compared to control. Thymol essential oil changed the odor of fruits slightly. Regarding lack of adverse effect of menthol on flavor compared to thymol and its positive effect on the qualitative postharvest parameters, it can be used as an active agent in strawberry packaging.


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