Evaluation of Satureja khuzistanica micropropagation as a medicinal plant

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1 . Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Lorestan University, Khorram Abad, Iran

2 . Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran


An experiment was conducted to study the micropropagation of Satureja khuzistanica. The seeds were planted in 1/2MS medium. After germination and growth of plantlets, they were subcultured in fresh medium. Then, they cultured into medium supplemented by different concentrations of BA and Kinetin. Results showed that, the highest proliferation (2.4 shoots) was observed at concentrations of 0.5 mg/l IBA and 3 mg/l BA while the lowest proliferation (1.12 and 1.04 shoots) was produced at concentration of 0.25 mg/l IBA, 1.5 mg/l BA and also 0.5 mg/l Kinetin. The tallest shoots (5.76 cm) were obtained at concentration of 0.5 mg/l IBA and 1.5 mg/l BA whereas the smallest ones (2.44 cm) were observed at concentration of 1 mg/l Kinetin. Lowest percentage of survived plantlets (46.6 %) were observed in the media with IBA at concentration of 0.25 mg/l and BA at concentration of 1.5 mg/l. Quarter salt strength MS basal medium induced rich rooting response (85.2%), when compared with ½ salt strength MS (46.66%) and MS (17.6%), media. The highest rooting percentage (64.30%) and number of roots (7.7 and 8. 4) were obtained at 0.25 and 0.50 mg/l IBA, respectively. Overall, media containing 0.25 mg/l IBA plus 3 mg/l BA can be recommended for micropropagation of S. khuzistanica.



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