Effect of Bagging on Fruit Quality and Reducing of Sunburn in Pomegranate cv. Rabab Neiriz

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Experiments were conducted to test the effects of two different paper bags, white single- and green double-layers, on fruit quality and sunburn of pomegranate (Punica granatum cv. Rabab Neiriz). Young fruits, at 35 days after full bloom, were covered by bags. The results showed that white single layer bag increased size and weight of fruits and aril weight in comparison to those of control. In contrary, green bag reduced size and weight of fruits. Green bag reduced peel water content; however, there were no significant differences in aril water content. Green bag delayed fruit ripening. Results indicated that bagging significantly reduced total phenolics and anthocyanin content. Antioxidant activity increased in white bags covered fruits, and reduced in those of green bag covered ones. Bagging treatments decreased sunburn intensity and sunburn areas. White bag was the most effective treatment for increasing quality and reducing sunburn in pomegranate fruit cv, Rabab Neiriz. Therefore, the use of white bags, due to the enhancing of quality and decreasing of sunburn, can be useful for pomegranate cv. 'Rabab Neiriz'. This could then serve as a useful tool for pomegranate growers to use white single layer bags to increase fruit quality and control sunburn.


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