Effect of summer pruning and spray with calcium on mineral composition and fruit quality of kiwifruit cv. Hayward

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Summer pruning and calcium spray could improve kiwifruits quality. In this study, effect of summer pruning in two times, 2 and 15 days after petal fall alone or in combination with %1 calcium chloride spray on fruit quality and mineral elements contents of ‘Hayward’ kiwifruit was investigated. Calcium sprayed four times 90 days after petal fall with 15 days intervals. The results showed that summer pruning, especially 2 days after petal fall significantly increased fruit diameter, fruit weight and total soluble solid (TSS). Control vine )without summer pruning and calcium spray) had the lowest dry matter and vitamin C content. Fruit calcium and magnesium concentration and also nutrient elements ratios were significantly affected by summer pruning and calcium spray. In contrast, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content were not affected by them. The highest calcium and the lowest magnesium content were found in the vines that pruned 2 day after petal fall alone or in combination with calcium spray. The highest nutrient elements ratios, K/Ca, Mg/Ca, N/Ca was found in control vine (without pruning and calcium spray). Overall, summer pruning and calcium spray could ...


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