An investigation of type and state of culture medium and date of ovule and embryo separation on embryo rescue success in grapevine cv. flame seedless

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Flame Seedless is one of the most important and commercial table grape cultivar that is used for breeding program due to its specific characteristics of fruit high production. In order to breed new seedless grape cultivars and with considering importance of selecting seedless varieties as a female parent to increase the production rate of seedless offspring in a breeding cycle, embryo rescue technique used. In this study, effect of ER and NN media with solid and double-phase states and three ovule culture time (35, 45 and 55 days after pollination) as well as different date for separation of embryos out of ovule (8 and 10 week after ovule culture) were studied on embryo development stages (globular, heat, torpedo and polyembryos), embryo germination and plant production in grapevine cv. Flame Seedless. Results showed that separation of ovules from berry in 55 days after pollination and their culture in NN medium with double-phase state as well as embryo dissecting at 10 weeks after ovule culture had positive and significant effect on measured traits.


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