Effect of Locality on Germination and Growth of Pimpinella aurea DC. Seed

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This study was performed in year 2010 to evaluate the effect of locality and date of collection on germination and growth of Pimpinella aurea DC. seed. The experiment was a factorial one, based upon a completely randomized design of four replications. Seeds were collected from three localities in Tehran Province (Tochal, Vardavard and Lavasanat), at their initial developmental and fully developed stages. Assessed traits included: germination percent, Mean Germination Time (MGT), R, Seed Vigor Indicator (SVI), Radicle length, Plumule length and 1000-grain weight. The results revealed that locality significantly affected germination and MGT, but the date of collection did not significantly affect it. The effect of interaction between locality and date of collection significantly effected germination, MGT, R, 1000-grain weight, SVI and Plumule length at a 1%. Level of probability. Mean comparison showed that the most germination (65.50%), the highest 1000-grain weight (1.900 gram) and SVI (16.26) belonged to Lavasanat seed whilst the lowest germination belonging to Tochal with no significant differences evident with Vardavard seed. According to the obtained results Lavasanat seed is finally recommended to be introduced for cultivation.