An Evaluation of the Resistance of Pistachio Rootstocks and One Inter-spicific Hybrid, P. atlantica × P. vera cv. ‘Badami- Riz- Zarand’ against Drought Stress



In order to evaluate the inter-specific hybrid P. atlantica × P. vera cv. ‘Badami- Riz- Zarand’ to drought stress, a factorial experiement was conducted as based on a completely randomized design of three irrigation intervals 3, 6 and 9 days on Qazvini, Badami-Riz-Zarand and the hybrid of P. atlantica × P. vera cv. Badami- Riz-Zarand rootstocks of pistachio. Results indicated that such physiological parameters as proline, protein, leaf soluble sugar and minerals were affected by drought. Proline content of leaf, shoot K, and root Ca concentrations increased with increase in irrigation interval, white root K concentration decreased. Rootsocks had different responses to drought, so that, the highest leaf area and number, stem height, root length, shoot fresh and dry weight as well as WUE were observed in hybrid rootstock. Based on the results of the present study, and for the case of hybrid rootstock, the protein, proline and leaf soluble sugar contents were unaffected by drought, whereas they increased in the case of Qazvini rootstock, indicating that hybrid rootstock was more tolerant than Qazvini to drought stress.