Response of Some Persian Leek Accessions to In Vitro Gynogenesis



The present research was carried out to evaluate the response of seven selected Persian leek accessions to in vitro gynogenesis. The experimental design was a factorial one based upon a completely randomized design of three culture media treatments B2D0 (2 mgl-1 BA), B2D2 (2 mgl-1 BA and 2 mgl-1 2, 4-D), and B2D4 (2 mgl-1 BA and 4 mgl-1 2, 4-D) along with seven Persian leek accessions (Gorgan, Neishabur, Hamedan, Mianeh, Kangavar, Varamin and Kerman) carried out in three replications. Traits of embryo rate, regeneration rate, survival rates, callus formation and vitrified flowers were evaluated. Out of a total of 18,900 flower buds cultured, 459 embryos (2.43%) were all successfully regenerated into complete plants. Gorgan and Mianeh accessions ended up with the highest embryo and regeneration rates (25%) in the culture medium of B2D2 (2 mgl-1 BA and 2 mgl-1 2, 4-D). Results finally indicated that unpollinated flower culture is an effective method of in vitro gynogenesis of Persian leek.