A comparison of Exogenous Application of Benzyladenine (BA) and Chlormequate (CCC) on Embryo Germination in Stenospermic Grape through Embryo Rescue Method



Consumers prefer seedless grapes for table and raisin grape industry. Release of new superior seedless grape cultivars is one of the main objectives in grape breeding programs. Embryo rescue is one of the techniques to develop a new seedless cultivar. Therefore, in this study, the effects of bud flower spraying with BA (50 ppm) and CCC (200 ppm) before blooming were studied in ‘Flame Seedless’ ‘Perlette’ and ‘Askari’. Ovules were extracted 50 days past pollination, cultured on medium and then their embryos were dissected out of ovules and cultured in NN medium. Recovery and germination of embryos were evaluated. Spraying flowers with BA and CCC resulted in 32.94 and 32.05% of recovered embryos and 26.76 and 27.05% of germinated embryos, respectively, which both had significant differences with control.