An Investigation of the Possibility of Creation of Colon through Bulbil in Iranian Tareh (Allium Ampeloprasum Ssp.Persicum)



The aim followed in this research was to determine the effect of Benzyladenin and storage conditions on bulbil formation, germination percentage and growth in Iranian Tareh (Allium ampeloprasum ssp.persicum). Immature inflorecences were treated with different concentrations (0,10,50 and 100 ppm) of BA to form bulbils. The experiment was done in RCBD with three replications in Esfahan Center for Research in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.The results revealsed that all concentrations of BA formed bulbils in more than 90 percent of plants except for the case of the control treatment. Then, bulbils were stored in two temperature conditions(31 and 9 centigrade) to evaluate their germination percentage and vegetative growth. It was revealed that the different concentrations of BA and storage conditions had no effect on bulbil germination, but bigger bulbils bore higher germination percentages than the small ones. The temprature treatment exerted no significant effect on vegetative traits, but the different treatments of BA proved significant at a level of 5%. All the bulbils produced viable plants.