Effect of Canopy Management Method and Pot Volume on Yield and Quality of Two Rose Cultivars in Hydroponic Conditions



This experiment was designed and conducted to increase to yield as well as quality of greenhouse cut-rose. The experiment was conducted in a factorial arrangement, based upon a completely randomized design of three replications, under hydroponic conditions. The study was followed with the aim of investigating the effects of cultivar type (‘Bull's Eye’-‘Cherry Brandy’), pot volume (5-8L) and canopy management method (bending-pruning). The experimental work was performed for a period of six months in a greenhouse located in north-east of Tehran. Based on the results, ‘cv. Bull's Eye’ showed preference over Cherry Brandy’ only with regard to production rate, but some qualitative traits which relate to flower, causing satisfaction of customers and promoting marketing, were more pronounced in ‘cv. Cherry Brandy’. Effect of pot volume was significant on flowering stem count as well on fresh and dry weights of roots; in a way that better results were obtained in 8L substrate volume. Bending resulted in yield reduction as compared with pruning, but with a consideration of the rest of the traits, bending method resulted in positive and significant effects.