Embryogenic Callus Production in Four Grapevine (Vitisvinifera L.) Cultivars using Anther and Whole Flower Culture



Embryogenic Callus initiation from anther and whole flower explants in four grapevine cultivars including Flame Seedless, Shahroodi, Perlette and Red Sultanina cultured on PIV and Harst nutrient media was studied. Results showed that whole flower explants of ‘Flame Seedless’ cultured on PIV medium had the most potential for callus production. Later callus were transferred onto GES1CA medium for embryogenesis. In the latter medium, ‘Shahroodi’ expressed the highest rate of embryogenic callus production as compared with the other three cultivars. Meanwhile, only the anther explants showed the potential for producing embryogenic callus.

Keywords: Grape, Media, Explant, Callus production, and Embryogenic callus