A Study of the Effect of Zinc Foliar Application on Growth and Yield of Strawberry Plant under Saline Conditions



In order to determine the effects of zinc foliar application on the vegetative characteristics, yield and fruit quality in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch) cv Kordestan under salinity stress conditions, an experiment was carried out hydroponically in glasshouse as a controlled environment during 2009 through 2010. Three levels of NaCl (0, 15, 30 mM) and three levels of Zn (0, 1.5, 3 g/L) were applied in a completely randomized design of three replicates. The results showed that number of leaf, leaf area, fresh and dry weight of leaf and of root, yield characteristics, chlorophyll index and leaf relative water content were reduced in the conditions of salinity, while foliar application of Zinc could increase them, significantly. The proline content of leaf under salinity as well under the interaction effect of Zn and salinity was increased, but of an application of Zn did not affect those parameters. Electrolyte leakage increased by increase in NaCl concentration and decreased with foliar application of Zn. Both salinity and Zn treatments increased the acidity in fruit, but other quality characteristics were not affected by those treatments. It can be concluded that, application of Zn could alleviate salinity stress on strawberry.