An Investigation on Somatic Embryogenesis in Two Grapevine Cultivars (Red Sultanina, Flame Seedless) through Leaf Explant



Embryogenic calli production in Vitis is mainly possible by use of such regenerative tissues as anther and ovary. Because of long periods of time required for obtaining such tissues, use of such vegetative organs as leaf explant would be a promising alternative. Towards this end, leaf explants were taken from two varieties of ‘Flame Seedless’ and ‘Red Sultanina’ to be raised in. MS medium, consisting of 2.5 µM 2,4-D, 1.1 µM BAP, 1 g/l Cazein Hydrolizate, 20 g/l sucrose, and 7 gr/l of agar. After two months, calli were transferred to the same medium except for 2-4, D which was replaced by NAA. Three months after explants' culture, calli were transferred to MS medium containg varied concentrations of BAP (1, 2 & 3.5 mg/l), and IAA (2, 5 & 15 mg/l). Results showed that among diffrent hormonal treatments, the fifth medium (BAP 5 mg/l & IAA 2mg/l) induced a maximum embryogenesis in calli of cv. Flame Seedless.