Evaluation of Modified Atmospher Packaging (MAP) to Control Gray Mould in ‘Shahroodi’ Table Grapes



Table grapes (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Shahroodi) were stored for 45 days under modified atmospher packaging (MAP) with four gas combination treatments including GC1 (Control or air), GC2 (10%CO2+5%O2), GC3 (10%CO2+15%O2) and GC4 (10%CO2 + 60%O2) using two types of polymeric films PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene) at 1oC and 80-90% RH. Measurements were carried out after each 15 days at 1oC and after being placed for 1 day at room temperature. Results showed that GC4 was the most suitable gas combination to control gray mold during the storage period. In addition to the lowest infection, the grapes which were packed under this gas combination showed the highest L*, C*, lowest berry browning and pedicle desiccation indices along with better taste. A comparison of the two polymeric films indicated that PP film led to lower infection and better fruit taste than PE in similar experimental conditions.