Evaluation of Virgin Olive (Olea europaea L.) Oil Quality from Cultivars, “Zard, Roghani and Mari”, Kazeroon Region



In this research, the quality indices, phenolic compounds (Hydroxy tyrosol, tyrosol, cinamic and vanilic acid), fatty acids and pigments from olive oil of cultivars ‘Zard’, ‘Roghani’, and ‘Mari’ (from Kazeroon region, located in Fars Province), were assessed. Measurement of phenolic compounds showed that ‘Mari’ cultivar oil contained the highest cinamic and vanilic acids with 1.4 and 1.18 milligram per kilogram, respectively. ‘Zard’ cultivar in the other hand had the highest content of tyrosol (1.18 milligram per kilogram). Total phenols content was the highest in ‘Roghani’ cultivar (179.9 milligram per kilogram) while it was the lowest in ‘Mari’. Analysis of fatty acids whereas it carried GC indicated that ‘Mari’ cultivar had the highest oleic acid (77.92%), and the lowest palmitic acid content (14.05%). The highest contents of chlorophyll and carotenoids were related to ‘Zard’ and ‘Roghani’, respectively.