A Study of the Effects of Cytokinin and Calcium Application on Some Morphophysiological Traits in Rosa (Rosa hybridal cv. Illona)



This research was conducted at the Agricultural College of Tehran University in 2005 to analyze the effect of use of cytokinin as well as of calcium on durability of rose (Illona cultivar). Cuttings were taken from rose biennial mother plants, then treated by Cytokinin of 0, 0.1, 1and10 micromole per liter and Calcium of 0,10,20 and 30 milimole per liter. Cut flowers, after harvest, were kept in distilled water and under laboratory conditions. Some different traits such as senescence, relative water content, electroleakage, total protein, and the extent of peroxide and catalase activities in petal were assessed. The results showed that Cytokinin levels exerted significant effects on senescence, electroleakage, total protein as well as activity of anti-oxidant enzymes. Calcium levels had also significant effects on senescence percentage, relative water content, electroleakage and peroxide activities in petals. The treatment a4b4, i.e. the use of Cytokinin at 10 micro-mole and calcium with 30 mili-moles resulted in a significant decrease in senescence and a significant increase in electroleakage, catalase and peroxidase activities.