The Effects of Cytokinins, Sucrose and 8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate on the Longevity and Postharvest Quality of Cut Rose Flowers var. Red Gant



The effect of some treatments including preserving solution (20g L-1 sucrose plus 200 ppm 8-HQS), BA and TDZ (pulse or spray) with preserving solution were evaluated on senescence parameters and vase life of Rose cut flowers cv. Red Gant. Preserving solution, applying 25 mM BA with preserving solution increased solution absorbance, and prevented the cut flowers from getting decreased in relative fresh weight (RFW), petal and leaf water content as well as carbohydrates. It also suppressed the degradation of chlorophyll and petal soluble proteins. Application of 25 mM BA with preserving solution showed a higher anthocyanin content as well as flower diameter comparison with preserving solution, but had the same result on vase life of cut flowers. Extension of vase life was not observed by use of cytokinins in comparison to preserving solution being used alone.