Pot Level Influences on Fruit Albinism by Strawberry in Soilless Culture



To determine the effect of pot level and nutrient leaching on albinism disorder in strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch cv `Camaroso`) cultivated in perlite substrate an experiment was conducted in 2006. Yield was determined three times (January-February, March-April and May-June). The results indicated that plants located in an upper position showed more albinism (40.42%) which could be related to nitrogen and potassium leaching as well as a decrease in light intensity. Albinism fruits had higher nitrogen (1.4 mg/g) and potassium (2.14 mg/g) and lower calcium (0.13%) contents, the ratio of N/Ca and K/Ca being higher as compared with those in the normal fruits. Former plants fruit were smaller resulting in lower yield. Early fruits (January-February) showed the most albinism and the highest nitrogen (1.29 mg/g) as well as potassium (2.05 mg/g) contents. Albinism was decreased (19.55%) in the storage organs at the end of harvesting season because of decrease in nitrogen and potassium. The interaction effect between harvesting time and pot level was to be not significant.