Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) on Quality and Storage Life of Broccoli



Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. cv Premium crop) florets were packaged using two types of polymeric films (polyethylene, LD & polypropylene cast) and then stored at 1?C for 18 days to study the effect of passive and active MAP (1.5%O2+7.5%CO2) on preservation of quality and nutritional value as compared to non-wrapped control florets. During storage, weight loss, rate of ethylene production, quality, fermentation products, vitamin C, chlorophyll, pH and titrable acidity were assessed and estimated every 3 days. Results revealed that deterioration occurred quickly in control broccoli, manifested mainly by weight loss, firmness reduction, chlorophyll degradation and yellowing. Conversely, in those florets packaged under MAP (especially for polypropylene), ethylene production as well as all other changes related with loss of quality were significantly reduced. This situation prolonged storability up to 18 days with high quality attributes as well as vitamin C preservation. At the end of the storage period, broccoli gradually developed slight to moderate alcoholic off-odors accumulating ethanol, and acetaldehyde in the tissues.