Micropropagation of Four Cultivars (Dargazi, Natanzi, Shahmiveh and Williams) of Pear (Pyrus communis L.)



Three separate experiments were conducted to investigate micropropagation of four pear cultivars. In the first trial, the effect of four cultural media (MS, MS/2, MSN/2 and MQL) were compared on such traits as shoot length, shoot number and color of leaf. From among the media, MS/2 and MSN/2 resulted in the most shoot proliferation and the longest shoots respectively. MS medium produced green developed leaves as compared to MSN/2, and MQL medium resulted in severe chlorosis accompanied by decrease in shoot growth. For a more precise evaluation of media (the second trial), 10 namely including the previous ones plus their modified versions were tested while the leaf size being measured too. Based upon the results of the first and second trials, MS/2 was the best medium among all. A third trial was conducted to determine the effect of BA concentration and auxin types on shoot proliferation of the evaluated cultivars in MS/2 medium. ‘Shahmiveh’ and ‘Dargazi’ produced the highest shoot numbers in 2 mg/l of BA concentration while, ‘Williams’ and ‘Natanzi’ produced the same in 3 mg/l of BA concentration. Equal concentrations of IBA and NAA (0.1 mg/l) in combination with BA showed that IBA led to the production of longer shoots than NAA.