A Determination of Optimum Concentration and Application Time of 1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) on Vaselife of Cut Carnation c.v. 'Tempo'



1-MCP, as an ethylene action inhibitor, significantly delayed the wilting of cut carnation.This study was carried out to determine the optimum concentration and duration of 1-MCP application on vaselife of cut carnation c.v 'Tempo'. Six levels of 1-MCP concentrations (0,20,40, 60, 80 and 100 nl.1-1) as well as three application times (3, 6 and 9 hours) were studied in a factorial compeletly random design of 3 replications to see the effect on vaselife, ethylene production, dry weight as well as flower opening index. Three hundred and twenty four cut carnations were kept in a postharvest room of: 20?2?C temperature, 60-70% relative humidity, 15-20 ?mol S-1 m-2 light intensity, and 12 hours of photoperiodism. Results indicated that the differences among treatments were significant only for concentration treatment on raselife longevity. As regards vaselife, ethylene production and flower opening index (P?1%), and dry weight (P?5%) were significant. The treatment of 60 nl.1-1 of 1-MCP with 15.49 days of vaselife, 0.34 nl.1-1h-1gr-1 of ethylene production and 19.75% dryweight, was the better treatment as compared with control plants.