Keywords = heritability
Production and evaluation of general combining ability of doubled haploid lines in ‎sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)‎‏ ‏

Volume 52, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 965-976


Azam Zarebayati; Khodadad Mostafavi; Mehran E. Shariatpanahi; Seied Mehdi Miri

Estimation of combining ability and heterosis in some Iranian lettuce lines using diallel crosses analysis

Volume 49, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 981-992


Atefeh Tabasi; Mohammadreza Hassandokht; Mohammadreza Fattahimoghaddam

Generation Mean Analysis for Yield and Related Traits in Melon (Cucumis Melo L.)

Volume 43, Issue 3, November 2012, Pages 293-304


seyed ehsan feyzian; hamid dehghani; mokhtar jalali javaran; abdol majid rezaei

General Yield and Specific Combining Ability and Heterosis of some Cucumber Lines in Partial Diallel Design

Volume 42, Issue 1, July 2011, Pages 53-64

Jamalali Olfati Chirani; Gholamali Peyvast; Habibolah Samizade Lahiji; Babak Rabiei; Seyed Akbar Khodaparast

Genetic Analysis for Yield and Related Traits in Melon (Cucumis melo L.) through Diallel Method

Volume 40, Issue 1, June 2009

Seyed Ehsan Feyzian; Hamid Dehghani; Abd-o-Almajid Rezaii; Mokhtar Jalali Javaran

A Study of Some Genetic Parameters in Table Grape Breeding Program

Volume 39, Issue 1, March 2009

javad erfani moghaddam; ali ebadi; Mohammad reza fattahi moghaddam