Author = siamak kalantari
Effect of Amino acids and Pepton foliar applications on quality and storage life of pomegranate fruit cv. Malas-e- Save

Volume 50, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 527-537


Zahra Jlili Moghadam; Siamak Kalantari; Abolghasem Hasanpoor Estahbanati; Daniel Valero Garrido

Effect of the foliar spraying of iron and soil application of the ammonium nitrate, on postharvest quality of apple 'Delbar stival'

Volume 48, Issue 3, January 2018, Pages 503-515


Sirvan Mansouri; Mesbah Babalar; Siamak Kalantari; Mohammad Ali Askary sarcheshmeh

Comparing sexual and asexual micropropagation potential for reduction of juvenile phase in Phalaenopsis orchid

Volume 47, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 221-232


khosro balilashaki; Ruhangiz Naderi; Siamak Kalantari

Quality and Quantity Characteristics of Two Gladiolus Cultivars (Gladiolus grandiflorus cv. White Prosperity and Ruse Supreme)

Volume 45, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 55-66


Masoumeh Karimi; Siyamak Kalantari; Rouhangiz Naderi; Mohammadreza Shafiei

Effects of Maturity Stage and Storage Temperature on the Quality of ‘Langra’ Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit

Volume 44, Issue 1, May 2013, Pages 43-59


A.m MIRZAALIAN DASTJERDI; Siamak Kalantari; mesbah babalar; Zabihollah Zamani

The Effect of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) on some Characteristics of Cyclamen Flowering during the Second Flowering Year

Volume 43, Issue 3, November 2012, Pages 305-310


parviz norouzi; roohangiz naderi; mesbah babalar; siamak kalantari; mohsen kafi

Effect of Hot Water Treatment (HWT) and Storage Temperature Conditions on Mature Green Tomato

Volume 43, Issue 2, September 2012, Pages 113-123


mohsen hatami; siamak kalantari; mojtaba delshad

Effects of Salicylic Acid on Chilling Resistance and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Activity in ‘Malase Saveh’ Pomegranate (Punica granatum) during Cold Storage

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2009

mohammad sayari; mesbah babalar; siamak kalantari; hooshang alizadeh; Mohammad ali asgari